Herpes Digest was created to curate, write, and present information on herpes (news, research, solutions) to those who suffer from various types of herpes.


We dig deep to find the latest research and studies on the causes and natural solutions to treat herpes. We write articles and curate news so our readers can have up-to-date information on the latest scientific findings in this field.


While we are not against traditional medical forms of treatment, our focus is on finding natural, organic treatments and solutions for herpes.

To do this, we test (or have an associate test) various products. We try to verify clinical studies and present what we discover. If we are not able to personally test products, we rely on associates who do.

Our goal is find products with a proven track record in helping people eliviate the symptoms and root cause of herpes.

We are affiliates with many companies who produce these products. This means if you purchase a product we recommend we might get a small commission or referral fee. You can read our full disclaimer here.


In order to help our readers stay current on herpes related news, we curate (gather) the top stories from around the world on this topic.

Our Team

Herpes Digest is a part of Short Mountain Media (our parent company).

Hayden Aulds is the main project manager for this site.

We also rely on various writers, guest posts, and curated news different sources to present our articles.

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